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Win 5 Lakhs!

Win Rs. 5 lakh!!

All those God men, saints, yogis, psychics, fortune tellers, telepathists and others who claim they have acquired miraculous powers through spiritual exercises, divine gifts or meditation could win award of Five Lacks Rupees (Rs.5,00,000/-) if they will able to perform any one of the following “miracles”.:

1. Read the serial number of a currency note.

2. Produce an exact replica of a currency note.

3. Stand stationary on burning cinders for half a minute without blistering the feet with the help of his god.

4. Materialize from nothing an object we ask.

5. Move or bend a solid object using psychokinetic power.

6. Read the thought of another person using telepathic powers.

7. Make an amputated limb grow even one inch by prayer, spiritual powers, Lourdes water, holy ash, prayer, blessings etc.

8. Levitate in the air by Yogic power or any other supernatural power.

9. Stop the heart beat for five minutes by Yogic power.

10. Walk on water.

11. Leave the body in one place and materialize in another place.

12. Stop breathing for thirty minutes by Yogic power.

13. Develop creative intelligence or get enlightened through transcendental or any other type of meditation.

14. To cause certain physical harm to a certain member of Tarksheel Society Punjab (regd.) in a certain stipulated time with the help of so called magic, occult, Taweet, Jnanter-Mantara, Tantra etc.

15. Speak an unknown understandable language as a result of rebirth or by being possessed by holy or evil spirit.

16. Produce a spirit or ghost to be photographed.

17. Disappear from a film when photographed.

18. Get out of a locked room by divine power.

19. Increase the quantity by weight of a substance.

20. Detect a hidden object.

21. Convert water into petrol or wine.

22. Convert wine into blood.

23. Pick out correctly – Within a Margin of five percent error – those males, females, the living and the dead from a set of ten palm prints or ten astrological charts giving the exact time of birth correct to one minute, and places of birth with their latitudes and longitudes.

Imp. Note:-This challenge is ruled by the following conditions:

(i) The person who accepts the challenge, whether he or she wants our reward or not, should deposit Rs. 5000/- as a security/entry fee to us. We insist on this fee, which will be refunded in the event of his or her winning the test, just to deter the inundation of amateur contestants chasing cheap publicity, who would waste our valuable time, money and energy.

(ii) A person will be considered an acceptor of the challenge only after he or she makes the earnest deposit, and no communication will be made with anyone who fails to do so.

(iii) After the deposit of submission fee, the claims of person will be tested by us, in public, on a mutually appointed day. All tests will be held in our local town.
(iv) If a person fails in the test or to face the test, his deposit will be forfeited. If he wins our test, his deposit will be refunded with the award.
(v) All tests will be conducted under fraud-proof conditions up to our fullest satisfaction.

(vi) Anyone who wishes to correspond must send a self-addressed stamped envelope, or a money order of an equal cost.

Head Office: Tarksheel Bhawan, BARNALA-148101 (Punjab) INDIA.